We adopted our Gidget from Beehive Fur Friends in August of 2019 and continually discover how perfect she is for our family! We had been looking for a dog to adopt for nearly a year. Our friends have a standard red golden doodle that we just fell in love with, but I’ve always wanted a black haired dog. So after doing countless hours of research on what breed would be best for us, what size, training techniques, etc, it was an answer to prayers when we found Gidget (or really when she found us). Haha. She is everything we could have hoped for and more! Stephanie has been nothing short of AMAZING! She made sure that each of the puppies went to homes where they would not only be loved and cared for, but where they fit in as part of the family. The work she did culturizing and training the puppies has also given us an amazing foundation to start our training with Gidget, and she is just soaking it up! Stephanie also continues to be a great resource for any of our questions or when we just want to brag about our puppy. 😀 We will forever be grateful for Beehive Fur Friends for the perfect addition to our family.

Alexis Soelberg