Grain Free or NOT?

I was reading an article from Hemopet, (a blood bank for dogs) and Dr. Dodds take on the whole “grain free” rage that happened about a year and a half ago…it appears that they are not really any closer to a sure conclusion and so Dr. Dodds suggest some bloodwork that can be done and sent to UC Davis for answers. Long and short of it all is that if you feed grain free for specific reasons and feel that it’s what is best for your pup, then you may want to have your dog’s bloodwork done and calm your fears. I personally feed my dogs a couple of different dog foods at different times and I am at peace with my choices. If you are concerned, I would recommend that you follow up with your veterinarian and have your dog tested. I will post any updates that I hear about and also feel free to subscribe to Dr. Dodds Hemopet newsletter. I try to follow her protocol for immunizations on puppies as I trust her many many years of research. I recommend this protocol to our BFF families but also support your choice as the owner once you have your new BFF in your home.

The following is an excerpt from the most recent newsletter from Hemopet,

Again, where are we in September of 2020?

We are nowhere closer to having the appropriate and correct answers. This is going to take some time.

Remember, if you’ve stopped feeding grains to your companion dog, think back to the many reasons why you stopped. It could be to prevent leaky gut syndrome, to help curb food sensitivities or intolerances to a particular grain, to maintain optimal weight in your dog, etc.

If you are worried, we understand. We suggest having your veterinarian take a blood sample to measure the methionine, cysteine and taurine levels in both whole blood and plasma, and send it to a diagnostic laboratory (University of California – Davis or University of Wisconsin) experienced with the appropriate reference ranges for circulating taurine. If the levels are lower than normal for dogs, please discuss the appropriate next steps with your veterinarian. Please send the information on your dog, including the food you are feeding, breed, health regarding DCM and retinal degradation, age and weight to the FDA. You and your dog would potentially be helping millions of other dogs. Sept 10, 2020/Hemopet/Nutrition

And we have a lot of precious reasons to help all dogs!