Half way to “Gotcha Day”…

My heart❤️…today while I was loving on puppies, I had that horrible sinking feeling you get when you remember a sad moment in life!

Saying goodbye was one of the hardest parts of raising puppies last litter.

No good bye, see ya later!

And I had a fleeting thought about the process that will take place again in 4-5 weeks with the newest BFFs. The families of our fur babies have become my friends, I love them for the loving homes they’ve given our babies. I look forward to pictures, birthdays and Instagram posts! Until then, I will continue to pour my heart and soul into each little BFF❤️ and making sure they’re ready for their new families and my new friends! 🐝🐶👫🏻❤️

One of the least of these…

The remaining two puppies I have out of my litter of 11, are the tiniest and the most laid back.

“Little Runtly” is a whopping 10 pounds at 12 weeks old. Her next closest littermate is 16 and they go up from there! She has been dear to me because I had to syringe feed her for a month and then make special private milk bar times for her for 6 weeks. I had a constant vigil on her and would carry her around inside my shirt to keep her warm. I love this little girl! And then there’s Flash, because he has such a docile personality, he was all but unnoticed in the litter until now…now he isn’t being shoved to the back of the line, he comes and sits next to me every morning when I let them out. We have a little ritual of bonding time and then he wanders off to potty. He always comes back though for his belly rubs. There is a generalization among dog people that females are more needy and therefore make better pets, I don’t agree. My male Lab, Jake and this sweet puppy, Flash are proof that it’s just not true. They follow me and seek my attention always!

So far, all of the families are happy with their puppies and my trainer friend says that they are all just great! I’ve loved the process of whelping puppies alongside the sweetest mama dog, Mika. She is such a gentle and patient soul. I’ve learned from her and been blessed by her gentle soul. She calms me when I’m stressed and stays with me when I’m sad.

I’m not sure why it seems in life that those who have gentle souls, or perhaps a smaller “presence” sometimes get overlooked? I’ve been drawn to the “underdog” my whole life and this situation is no different. I love these babies, I really just want to keep them both for myself, if there weren’t laws against it in my community, I probably would. My dilemma is this, I am getting pictures of the other puppies in their new homes and they all look so happy and I can see that they are loved and getting so much attention and being snuggled and adored. I already have 3 dogs, I simply don’t have the ability to give 5 dogs “enough”, I don’t have a car big enough for 5 dogs to go in car rides and hang their heads out the window, I don’t have a bed big enough for 5 dogs to sprawl out on, I don’t have enough a/c vents for everyone to get their own, or enough kennels for everyone to have their own den…I want those things for my puppies, I want them to each have a warm lap, a cool vent, a window to hang their head out of riding down the road, a comfy kennel to call their own. I pray for my puppies and I’ll continue to pray that just the right family comes along and sees all that I have done to help them get a great start and one that wants to continue to love and train and will help their puppy become the best dog ever!

The Purpose Of Spokes on a Wagon Wheel and…life!

I vividly remember a lesson given in Sunday School on the importance of the spokes on a wagon wheel, how each one was as important as the next because the purpose of the spokes is to distribute the pressure evenly so that the wheel doesn’t get a flat spot and become a horrible ride for those in the wagon. For this particular lesson, each spoke represented the things that matter most in our lives and how we need to evenly distribute our time and efforts to those different things so that we don’t “get flat spots”. My spokes are loving, nurturing and supporting a wonderful husband, 9 children, 6 and 1/3 grandchildren, callings at church, service within our community, working for my son in law, raising a litter of Goldendoodle fur friends and being the best version of myself that I can be…each of those things are important to me and my well being. In the last month, some of my spokes have been getting weak and my “wheels” are off balance. I tease my family that my puppies get more attention, better meals and more money spent on them than my teenage daughters do right now…truth is, that is the truth! It’s kind of a joke around here but not one I’m happy with. I never want my family to feel second to anything in my life. This is my first time raising these beautiful babies and there are 11 of them so the task is a bit difficult. They are precious and we shed tears when the first one was born because even fur babies are little miracles in my eyes. I had an inkling but not a REAL idea of just how much of ME these littles would require. I’m not complaining because I do love them, but to say that my spokes are a little out of wack is an understatement. I am raising them with a protocol called Puppy Culture, it is a way of using socialization and positive reinforcement right from the start with these tiny little 3 week old puppies. I love the program but at 4 weeks old today, my day goes something like this from about 7 am to midnight…clean dishes from mommas night feedings and teenagers midnight snacks, feed all 3 adult dogs, grab a hard boiled egg on the run, check messages, feed puppies, clean out pen while they eat, wipe each puppy clean, put puppies back in clean pen, start a load of laundry, read some puppy culture information to make sure we are doing the right things today, introduce new toys, new environments, clean up food area, sweep floors, steam floors, put pads down for next feeding, and start the process over again for lunch, then dinner, spend a few minutes running errands and such, clean pen, finish some laundry, wash rugs and hang outside to dry, have a sleep over with a grandson, put puppies to bed and make sure mama is well, watered, fed again, and play fetch with 3 adult dogs in between there somewhere and oh, yes, the husband, the kids, the grandkids, the church callings, the service, and ME…we are just hanging out on the fringes wondering if mom will ever surface again…

Balance, the hardest part of life for me living with ADHD, I tend to hyper focus and the rest just doesn’t exist. Right now the puppies are the hyper focus and the husband and kids…they don’t really seem to exist. It’s been on my mind a lot lately as I have so many people that truly NEED me right now and I feel like I’m failing them miserably. I also believe in the Bible verse in Ecclesiastes…

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

So for now, the season is raising Beehive Fur Friends first litter and hey, if you’re looking for or know someone who may be searching for an amazing Goldendoodle, I still have 5 spots on the reservation list available. And my family and friends will appreciate you more than you can imagine! And I might get some rest~

Snowing and Growing in the “Lucky” month of March…

The end of March and we wake up to the most beautiful huge spring snowflakes!  Nelli loves the snow, she runs and plays and I’m certain she thinks God made the snow day just for her! We all KNOW He didn’t make it for me!  I love to watch the fur friends run around in the snow jumping up and down, rolling around and getting wet! They are so happy and I just know that I’ll be mopping and cleaning dogs several times today. They are delighted with this snow but timing isn’t the greatest for me since we are moving our daughter and three grand babies into their new apartment tomorrow.

In life I have learned that we have trials and tribulations that stretch us to grow and become more Christlike in our love and compassion for others and those trials don’t come with perfect timing, not for us anyway, but all things come in His timing and that’s a good thing! There are always tender mercies along the way to keep us going and encourage us to, in the words of  Sir Winston Churchill,  “NEVER EVER GIVE UP.”

I am proud of my daughter and her resilience in this life, she has done very hard things and continues to do so.  Unfortunately growth doesn’t happen during the easy parts of life. Dani has been a photographer full-time while putting her former husband through his PhD program and raising 3 children simultaneously.  She is a rock star! She isn’t doing this divorce thing perfectly according to all of us experts who love her (yes that was sarcastic) because we all have an opinion.  However, a few nights ago while laying awake unable to turn off my mama brain, a thought occurred to me… we haven’t “walked a mile in her moccasins” so maybe she is doing it perfectly and we just don’t know? It’s all a process and the only way to the other side is through it and that is the really hard part! 

The week started out fabulous though, I made an appointment to see the veterinarian for a pregnancy confirmation on Mika…and lucky for us, her growing little belly has at least 2 puppies in it and possibly more. We will know for sure when we get an X-ray closer to her due date.

Oh and did I mention that it was sunny and warm for a few days so this girl was a happy camper! All in all, it looks like some good things are in store for this family of humans and their Best Fur Friends…cheers to springtime, snowflakes, sunshine, new beginnings…and puppies!


Snowing huge snowflakes


Mama Mika’s belly is growing


Nelli Dot loves the snow