About BFF

I have loved dogs since I can remember…the first dog was “SoSo”, he was my grandparents’ half beagle half dachshund. (Now you understand where he got the name SoSo.) He lived to be 17-years-old. We grew up together and I loved him. My parents had a few different dogs when I was young but when I was 10, I got my very own dog, “Fluffy”. She was a silver Cockapoo and she also lived to be 17-years-old. I was married with children when she passed away and she was my best friend! Hairy (Shitzu) and Lincoln (Border Collie) were the next fur friends and they both lived long happy lives in our family as well. A lot of life in between and here I am with Jake (14-year-old Chocolate lab), Mika (2-year-old Goldendoodle), and Nelli (18-month-old Spinone Italiano).

One day a couple of years ago, I found myself contemplating what the next few years of life might look like and quickly realized that my last 2 of 9 children would be leaving home soon, and my sweet Jake probably wouldn’t be around for graduation day…there was such an emptiness in my heart. What would I do with my time? And who would I hang out with at home? How would I mow the yard all by myself with no fur friend to pick up the balls as I mowed? I remembered how much my first 4 children loved the “Hospice Dog” that came to visit when their father was terminally ill and his life was near the end. That sweet Newfoundland was such a comfort and distraction at a difficult time for all of us.

I wanted to do something in life where I could make a difference for families yet still be available as a wife, mom and grandma to my own really awesome family. I quickly began researching breeds of dogs that would both suit our family and that could potentially become service dogs in the future. I have a deep understanding of the help and healing a dog can offer a wounded heart, not only from my own experiences, but also from watching my Vietnam Veteran uncles with their fur friends. I had the privilege of meeting a trainer that trains puppies for “Good Dog Autism,” an organization I have an interest in since we have a nephew with Autism and that started my hunt for the “perfect dog.”

My priorities needed to be: perfect temperament, sound health and good conformation for breeding. I found that in my girl, Mika. She is a Goldendoodle with the most gentle soul. She is patient and confident like both her mother and grandmother and a biddable girl just like her father. Her mother is now a certified full time service dog and we are so excited for Mika to carry on the legacy they have left and to produce the best possible fur friend for your family.

What Sets Us Apart

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