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I really started becoming interested in training when I met Amy Jensen of Baxter and Bella Online Puppy Training. Amy and I were assisting JoAn of Ellsworth Australian Labradoodles with a litter that were being evaluated for conformation. Amy was making a final decision that day on a puppy that she would train for the organization, “Good Dog Autism”. I watched her evaluate a couple of puppies and asked some questions. Chili was the winner and so was I that day because I met Amy and was introduced to Baxter and Bella.

I had just purchased my girl, Mika and I thought I was pretty educated and well prepared to start my breeding journey. After spending just a few minutes watching both JoAn and Amy, I knew I was completely clueless! Luckily for me, my foundation girl Mika is a one in a million dog with an excellent lineage. She is so trainable and has always been willing to do what I ask her. She trusts me and I trust her. I didn’t however know anything about training her and more importantly I didn’t understand why it was so important to do so.

We have come a long way in the Beehive Fur Friend journey. I am committed to become a top notch breeder of Goldendoodles and Spinone Italiano but perhaps what I have become even more passionate about is…


I encourage my families to at least take a stroll through the Baxter and Bella Training website and highly suggest and just about beg them to invest the minimal amount of money it costs to purchase a lifetime membership. I simply cannot tell you the difference it makes in the dog long term. Amy has been a trainer for over 20 years and has been training dogs for “Good Dog Autism” for the last several years. She has created a program that even children 8 and up can do. All of this and it’s done by you in the privacy of your own home at your convenience. I simply cannot say enough great things about this training program. I wish I could shout from the rooftops that anyone and everyone that adopts a puppy NEEDS this amazing program! I am part of the Baxter and Bella Partners Group and we offer feedback and work with B&B to make sure we are all doing our very best to raise amazing pups that transition beautifully into the online program.

Why training? If you have ever met a dog that jumps on you, barks at you, runs out the door for hours of the get in your car and come find me game or had a dog that simply just doesn’t listen to your commands, you know the frustration, fear and embarrassment (not to mention the possible fines/tickets from the dog catcher) that goes along with those dogs. It’s stressful and makes being a dog owner not much fun. On the contrary, if you have met a dog that is well trained, regardless of the breed, fur, name, size etc…you tend to really like that dog. My first well trained dog was a Doberman and although she wasn’t a dog I would have chosen for myself, she was well trained and free and so we got her. Well guess what? To this day she is one of my favorite dogs. Mika has been trained but not perfectly. I still had a lot to learn and we train everyday now. She doesn’t do a ton of training when she has a litter of pups to care for but outside of those few weeks, we are always working on something…Dogs love training and it is so good for their mental health and ultimately for yours too!

If you know someone that is getting a dog or has a pup/dog that needs some help, send them to and feel free to use my breeder code: BEEHIVE for 25% off of a lifetime membership! You will all thank me later, I promise! Until then, enjoy watching this awesome pup from Mika’s most recent litter being trained by dad and a mom that has never owned her very own dog before! I think they’re doing a killer job!!! Way to go you two, way to go! P.S. You’re going to make excellent kid parents someday too!

Juneau and his parents teaching him some great things at almost 11 weeks old.

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