COVID19 and we’re shaking things up a bit around here!

As if life doesn’t have us on high alert enough with the threat of COVID19…

I experienced my first real earthquake last week and we continued to feel them throughout the day and to be honest, I’m not a fan!

Poor Nelli Dot the Spinone was freaked out to no end! We let she and Mika out of the laundry room and she ran into my room and jumped straight on the bed right on my chest! Poor thing was scared to death! Mika just strolled in, ball in her mouth looking like, hey any body wanna play catch?

Those two things could cause anxiety in anyone but THEN… the ultrasound to confirm pregnancy… 13 PUPPIES!!! 13 puppies…I’m still trying to process that number. To say that I’m a little “overwhelmed” this week would be an understatement!

We have some wonderful families on our waitlist and I am so excited for them to experience one of these AMAZING puppies. I hope you all are well and staying home. We will get through this and there is hope for joyous days ahead! Look up and hear Him, we are not alone in all of this!

One more month to go!

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