Waitlist Opening January 1st…

It’s almost 2020 and time to start thinking about goals for the year! And puppies of course. I’ve spent the morning going through pictures, sending messages and sharing thoughts about my hopes for Mika and Dude’s “hopeful” litter this spring. I say hopeful because with God and nature, hope IS the plan! I will continue to do all I can as a reputable breeder to be certain that Mika is healthy and prepared for motherhood again! She raised the last 11 fur babies like a champ and as she lay here next to me, I suspect she will do the same this time around. She is a natural at being a mama and best fur friend. I’m pleased to announce that our waitlist will be open tomorrow morning for the Spring 2020 litter!

Harper and her sidekick!

Our first litter of puppies all have the most wonderful loving homes and I am forever grateful to these families who have become my friends! (#mikasmaidenlitter on Instagram)

I have a policy that if a puppy doesn’t work out for any reason, I will take the puppy back and rehome them, but it seems as though no one wants to give back their BFFs! They are in their “teenage” years now and so far so good! The age that most puppies are sent to shelters is between 5-8 months…teenagers in dog time

As you can see, roxy_maythedoodle is enjoying her teenage years!