One of the least of these…

The remaining two puppies I have out of my litter of 11, are the tiniest and the most laid back.

“Little Runtly” is a whopping 10 pounds at 12 weeks old. Her next closest littermate is 16 and they go up from there! She has been dear to me because I had to syringe feed her for a month and then make special private milk bar times for her for 6 weeks. I had a constant vigil on her and would carry her around inside my shirt to keep her warm. I love this little girl! And then there’s Flash, because he has such a docile personality, he was all but unnoticed in the litter until now…now he isn’t being shoved to the back of the line, he comes and sits next to me every morning when I let them out. We have a little ritual of bonding time and then he wanders off to potty. He always comes back though for his belly rubs. There is a generalization among dog people that females are more needy and therefore make better pets, I don’t agree. My male Lab, Jake and this sweet puppy, Flash are proof that it’s just not true. They follow me and seek my attention always!

So far, all of the families are happy with their puppies and my trainer friend says that they are all just great! I’ve loved the process of whelping puppies alongside the sweetest mama dog, Mika. She is such a gentle and patient soul. I’ve learned from her and been blessed by her gentle soul. She calms me when I’m stressed and stays with me when I’m sad.

I’m not sure why it seems in life that those who have gentle souls, or perhaps a smaller “presence” sometimes get overlooked? I’ve been drawn to the “underdog” my whole life and this situation is no different. I love these babies, I really just want to keep them both for myself, if there weren’t laws against it in my community, I probably would. My dilemma is this, I am getting pictures of the other puppies in their new homes and they all look so happy and I can see that they are loved and getting so much attention and being snuggled and adored. I already have 3 dogs, I simply don’t have the ability to give 5 dogs “enough”, I don’t have a car big enough for 5 dogs to go in car rides and hang their heads out the window, I don’t have a bed big enough for 5 dogs to sprawl out on, I don’t have enough a/c vents for everyone to get their own, or enough kennels for everyone to have their own den…I want those things for my puppies, I want them to each have a warm lap, a cool vent, a window to hang their head out of riding down the road, a comfy kennel to call their own. I pray for my puppies and I’ll continue to pray that just the right family comes along and sees all that I have done to help them get a great start and one that wants to continue to love and train and will help their puppy become the best dog ever!

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  1. Ann says:

    You have done an amazing job with these puppies! I too have always been drawn to the “underdog”. I hope they can find the best homes! I love the pictures. The expressions, the positions, remind me so much of my sheepadoodle. Dogs can bring so much joy in a home!

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