When I Picked You…

I don’t really understand what “aura” is, but I know it exists in humans and dogs. I think perhaps it’s the spirit of our souls that radiates to others, I think it changes in humans and k9s as we feel different emotions but we always seem to have a dominant “spirit/aura”. So although I can’t explain it, I KNOW it exists, I’ve been observing it these last few weeks…

When I picked my husband out of all the people in the world, I chose him primarily for two reasons, he could make laugh and he loved me! He still makes me laugh and he still loves me, honestly he’s what keeps me going. Yes, he has many many great qualities that to others may seem more important but for me, laughter and devotion are necessary!!!

I watch as people come to my home to choose their new best fur friend out of our litter of 11 Goldendoodle puppies. For one little girl, she walked in, picked up “Smudge” and said, “Mommy, I want this dog!” Even though they are not going to get another dog right now, she KNEW, she KNEW right away which one she loved! Another family came and although they had an idea of exactly what they wanted aesthetically, they chose the one that touched their heart! Another family is struggling with the decision because they are each drawn to a different one. Of course they are because we are all so different and so are these sweet fur babies, each one has a little soul that longs for a human to love them, care for them and be as devoted to their well being as they are devoted to ours.

We each have a time in our lives when we get to “pick one” and I hope you pay attention to the soul of that person or fur friend, find “The One”, the one that is devoted to you, the one that makes you laugh and loves you back or whatever it is that you NEED in your life! And if a sweet fur friend is in your sights, please give us a call and come visit, perhaps you too will find, the one for you!

We are all so different, each one so unique and special

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