Oh the puppies are here…and they are sweet and stunning!

Friday morning I could tell Mika was uncomfortable so I watched her every move. Chris said I was making her nervous and that we needed to leave the house to go get breakfast and she would have her puppies…ugh! I was so angry at his ridiculous idea, but I went along with it and stalled as much as I could. You know, took way too long in the shower, put more makeup on than I usually do etc…get the picture? I was NOT going anywhere and I needed to do what I had to do! My plan was working until he started getting impatient and told me to “hurry up”…I grabbed my purse and pretended to be ready to walk out the door. Of course I had a plethora of things I forgot that I could come back inside for but he didn’t know that!

WELL…lucky for me, Chris took one last look inside her whelping box/den and she dropped a ppupppuppy out!

YAY, I won!!!

That was in the morning and she had puppies all day long…she delivered 11 beautiful rainbow puppies! There are so many variations of color, each one was different from the last and we had so much fun seeing each one make it’s way into the world. With tears in our eyes, Chris began making the calls to all of our kids and then we got on FaceTime with several at a time and they got to watch puppies being born. What an adventure! They are all so healthy and sweet. I moved myself in the dining area and have slept there all week and will do so for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I take care of Mama Mika and wake up every hour and count puppies. I pray over them and love them individually and collectively, they are precious. The kids and grandkids have come over and loved on these babies too and we are doing early neurological stimulation on each of them every other day as per the protocol. They will also be raised with the Puppy Culture protocol. Both of these will help make these puppies healthy and well adjusted when they are finally in their new homes in a couple of months. That is if I can let them go! Heaven help me, I’m so in love already! Check out our FAQ page to get the information to adopt one of these amazing puppies and add a BFF to your life!

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