Snowing and Growing in the “Lucky” month of March…

The end of March and we wake up to the most beautiful huge spring snowflakes!  Nelli loves the snow, she runs and plays and I’m certain she thinks God made the snow day just for her! We all KNOW He didn’t make it for me!  I love to watch the fur friends run around in the snow jumping up and down, rolling around and getting wet! They are so happy and I just know that I’ll be mopping and cleaning dogs several times today. They are delighted with this snow but timing isn’t the greatest for me since we are moving our daughter and three grand babies into their new apartment tomorrow.

In life I have learned that we have trials and tribulations that stretch us to grow and become more Christlike in our love and compassion for others and those trials don’t come with perfect timing, not for us anyway, but all things come in His timing and that’s a good thing! There are always tender mercies along the way to keep us going and encourage us to, in the words of  Sir Winston Churchill,  “NEVER EVER GIVE UP.”

I am proud of my daughter and her resilience in this life, she has done very hard things and continues to do so.  Unfortunately growth doesn’t happen during the easy parts of life. Dani has been a photographer full-time while putting her former husband through his PhD program and raising 3 children simultaneously.  She is a rock star! She isn’t doing this divorce thing perfectly according to all of us experts who love her (yes that was sarcastic) because we all have an opinion.  However, a few nights ago while laying awake unable to turn off my mama brain, a thought occurred to me… we haven’t “walked a mile in her moccasins” so maybe she is doing it perfectly and we just don’t know? It’s all a process and the only way to the other side is through it and that is the really hard part! 

The week started out fabulous though, I made an appointment to see the veterinarian for a pregnancy confirmation on Mika…and lucky for us, her growing little belly has at least 2 puppies in it and possibly more. We will know for sure when we get an X-ray closer to her due date.

Oh and did I mention that it was sunny and warm for a few days so this girl was a happy camper! All in all, it looks like some good things are in store for this family of humans and their Best Fur Friends…cheers to springtime, snowflakes, sunshine, new beginnings…and puppies!


Snowing huge snowflakes


Mama Mika’s belly is growing


Nelli Dot loves the snow



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