“My Hometown”

I grew up in an average sized college town called Kent, Ohio. My grandparents on my Dad’s side lived there most of their married lives, my great grandparents lived there most of their married lives and my parents lived there most of their married lives so I think I’m what we would call a native of Kent! I spent a year in Southern Ohio in the very small town of East Palestine (Go Bulldogs) and a 2 year stint in Palm Desert, California. Other than that, Kent was home from birth to marriage.

Grandpa worked for the Kent City Schools and Dad worked for the City. Great Grandpa was a railroad man but he was retired by the time I came along. I have nothing but fond memories of my life there. Family picnics at Aunt Rosie’s, Memorial Days at Grandma Crocker’s house on Mantua St., backyard night games with the neighbors both at my house on Middlebury Road with the Melchoirs, the Rastetters, Kelly Hodges and various other kids and at Grandmas with Sandy, Denise, Chip, Heidi, Joe, my brother David, the Munn brothers, Patty, Jimmy and whoever else showed up.

A true simple All American childhood, baby kittens born in my dresser drawer, climbing on roofs and trees, swimming in a filthy river, sneaking snacks and kissing cute boys down by “the rock”…all in fun, just kids hanging out! So different from my life now, cell phones with tracking devices for my kids, planning for puppies with ultrasounds and X-rays, whelping beds, extra calcium and sterilized pads!

Ahh, what a life I got to live in that great little town I called home, Kent, Ohio! A piece of my heart will remain there forever…

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