2 months, 9 months, 1 season, 1 lifetime…

What do these things possibly have in common?  I watch out the kitchen window as my sweet dog Mika  runs around the backyard with her friends because it’s a snow day! They love the snow!  I watch her everyday for signs, is she more tired, is she eating well, is she getting less playful? All signs that she may be carrying her first litter of precious puppies.  The waiting game is no fun! It takes approximately 2 months for puppies to arrive and the first 30-40 days there is no real evidence. So we wait and watch.

My little girls are growing up, I long to go back to the days when I held them in my belly and all was right with the world…no external influences just me and my babies all in one safe little place.  I just wish I could remember every little moment of their kicks and flutters…9 months felt like such a long time but now they are 17 years old and forging their own little paths in this life.  I have been missing their tiny hands and the way they depended on me for everything. We have 2 new babies in the family and it causes so many memories to be stirred up in my heart.  Now we wait and watch them all become the people they are meant to be!   (Technically I only carried one in my belly but I still feel the connection to the other one as if I carried her too)

Snow, really? Snow again today and although I think it’s beautiful, I really don’t love it after February.  We live in the high desert though so snow is a really good thing! I just keep reminding myself that we are only 1 season away from SUMMER!!! I LOVE SUMMER! I LOVE THE SUN, I LOVE THE WATER, I LOVE FLOWERS AND FRESH VEGETABLES, I LOVE THE SMELL OF SUNTAN LOTION, I LOVE MOWING GRASS, YOU GET THE PICTURE, I LOVE SUMMER! Just keep waiting…

Yesterday was my big brother, David’s birthday.  Even though he lives in Heaven now, I still think about him often and would give all of my worldly possessions to have a conversation with him.  I miss him still, he has been gone for almost 20 years.  I believe that this life is a stepping stone in eternity and so I look forward to the day when I get to be with him again and enjoy his company.  He is humble, kind, compassionate, loves animals (it’s genetic I think) and his daughter is the light of his life.  I speak of him in the present tense because really, even though we can’t see him, I KNOW he watches over us and shares our joys and sorrows. I only have the remainder of 1 lifetime and I will get to have that conversation,

IMG_7077So whether it’s 2 months for puppies, 9 months for a baby, 1 season for the sun or 1 lifetime for a conversation, waiting is a part of life!  Here’s to waiting a little bit longer for some things and, well… hopefully a lot longer for others because in the mean time, I have a lot of family, friends, neighbors and fur friends that depend on me and that I thoroughly enjoy living for!

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