Your kids want to be where you are…

When I was a young mother, I remember my mom saying, “Stephanie, if you ever build a house someday, don’t bother putting a playroom in the basement. Your kids want to be where you are.” I have reflected on that advice more times than I could count. Last night I went to bed at 9:30. I didn’t actually get to sleep until around 11:30 though…teenagers seem to finally open up or come out of hiding around 10 p.m. I used to be bothered by the interruption but I have to admit that I now welcome the time with them. I call then our bedside chats and for whatever reason every one of our children have done this…even our adult children will still do this when they visit….this morning I’m in my room working at my computer. In walks my son, lays at the end of my bed and just hangs out while I work. The dogs are in the kitchen and we begin to hear that legendary Spinone speech, begging to come join the party in Mom’s room. 1 man child and 4 fur children! “kids and dogs just want to be wherever the Mom is”

I’m grateful for each of these children, their tender hearts and the joy they bring to my life and for my fur friends that make me laugh and give me companionship as the days wind down towards my empty nest.

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